Sony A7 aasta hiljem

Nüüdseks on aastake möödas sellest, kui endale Sony A7 soetasin. Olen seda saanud igasugustes oludes kasutada – nii turistikaamerana, stuudios, kodudes, klubides üritustel, portreekaamerana, tänaval ja enam-vähem kõikjal, kuhu üks piltnik sattuda võiks. Tõsi, looduses loomasid pole ma sellega jahtinud ning spordivõistlustest olen piirdunud bowlinguga. Kuid pilte on kogunenud piisavalt, et teha vahekokkuvõte plussidest ja […]

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Invest Easy team photos

So we needed team photos of about 20 people. And of course there was no studio. Only my manual Zeiss lens, newly applied blue transparent film on the glass walls and windows to provide soft lighting. This is the result.

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Prison visions

There is a dark shadow of a violent past slowly decaying in the center of Tallinn. It is called the Prison of Patarei. Though the ghostly building with its abandoned library, medical torture room, artist-decorated cells and a hanging room (in the literal sense) does have it’s attraction even in the current state, time has […]

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Who Stole the Hippo?

Some product pics for a change – wonderfully colorful and hip collar clips,  brooches and other shrink plastic jewellery, mandatory for all you unicorns and fairies out there! You can buy them from “Who Stole the Hippo” Etsy shop Or contact Liina for custom wishes.

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